Israel under attack:
UN, Egypt attempt to restore calm

International mediators attempt to avert war as Hamas barrage of at least 200 rockets continues.

Gary Willig ,

Security consultation at the Kirya
Security consultation at the Kirya
Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

International mediators are attempting to restore calm after Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip launched 200 rockets at southern Israel Monday.

In recent hours the United Nations and Egypt have attempted to bring about a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, even as the rockets continue to fall.

A number of houses have been struck by rockets. At least ten Israelis have been treated for physical injuries and shock sustained during the rocket attacks, including a 19-year-old man who was critically wounded.

The Iron Dome missile Defense system has intercepted 60 rockets fired from Gaza so far. The IDF has struck over 20 Hamas targets in Gaza in response to the rocket attacks.

IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis warned: "Hamas is leading the Gaza Strip to destruction and will feel the intensity of the IDF's response in the coming hours. So far we have attacked a wide range of targets. Firing squads, military compounds, and observation posts. The attempt to harm civilians is unacceptable to us and we will continue to respond with force."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has met with the Defense Minister, the Chief of Staff, and senior IDF officials at the Kirya, the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, to discuss Israel's response to the ongoing rocket fire.

The Political-Security Cabinet has not met. Any large-scale operation in Gaza would require the approval of the Cabinet.

The UN envoy to the Middle East, Nikolai Maldanov, has been operating since the first moments of the rocket barrage from Gaza with the Egyptians in an attempt to stop the fire, and the mediators also made it clear to Hamas that an Israeli response should be expected. The mediators made it clear that Hamas must halt all rocket fire if the terror group wishes to avoid a larger military conflict with Israel.