Watch: Arrest of robbers during armed robbery

Police release video of arrest of armed robbers attempting robbery at a gas station.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

attempted robbery of gas station
attempted robbery of gas station
photo from security camera

The Israel Police today published documents from the arrest of three robbers during an armed robbery at a gas station.

In a planned and quick operation that took place about two weeks ago, the detectives of the Central Border Police and the Israel Police arrested the three suspects. The Southern District Prosecutor's Office today filed an indictment against the three.

"We interrogated the suspects for a long time in the southern area until we followed them to a gas station at the entrance to Moshav Ouza, and at the gas station we saw armed men armed with assault rifles trying to enter the convenience store while threatening the gas burner.

"We were driving quickly with the patrol cars, we blocked the suspects and after a chase after two of them, we brought the three of them to the custody of the three," one of the police officers said, adding that "if we were not there, it could end with a severe blow to the fueling."