Blue ripple, red undertow

Vaunted 'blue wave' dissipated into 'blue ripple' as Americans feel increasingly secure in with Trump in office - leading to 'red undertow'.

Dr. Joseph Frager ,

Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph Frager
Yonatan Sindel

Everyone and their uncle has given their opinion and analysis of the recent midterm elections. I decided to chime in too. When I saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders not long ago I told her, “I did not know how she did it”.

How did she put up with the outrageous and grotesque barbs and arrows directed her way. I said she “must have nerves of steel.” This was soon after she was unceremoniously evicted from a DC Restaurant.

I said, “you are in the middle of a civil war.” She politely denied that this was a civil war. I had gone to Israel with Sarah Huckabee and her father in a number of occasions. We had witnessed the transformation and miraculous growth of Israel and wished the same for America. Back then I had hoped her father would become President some day. After all he finished second to the late Senator John McCain in 2008. Little did I know that his daughter would become the “firewall” Press Secretary to President Donald J. Trump.

I knew her family had that quiet inner strength that could deal with animosity, rage, and insults. I remember well visiting the Sheik Al Jarrah neighborhood which was the residence for Hitler’s ally and patron the Grand Mufti in 2008. We were greeted by about a hundred protesters. Mike Huckabee did not flinch. He was incredibly brave just to visit the site which had been purchased by prominent Jews. He humorously said, “feels like back home in Arkansas”.

The protesters did not phase him the least bit. Israel had its own political “civil war” in the 1990’s during the height of the Oslo Accords. I had to withstand tremendous attacks against me. The “Right” was demonized, delegitimized, and bludgeoned by the “Left”. It was a terrible time in Jewish history. When Bibi Netanyahu was first elected in 1996, it felt similar to the election of his mentor and guardian Menachem Begin in 1977. Donald Trump’s election in 2016 felt like that too.

It was a sea change. The silent majority had finally spoken and it was convincing. The citizens of Israel just did not feel safe and secure with a Labor government in power. The average Israeli had had enough of concessions to an ungrateful and belligerent so called “peace partner” in Arafat and later Mahmoud Abbas. This is the reason for Bibi Netanyahu’s staying power. Israel feels secure with him.

I believe the same transformation is occurring in America in the form of President Trump. America feels safe and secure with him. Even though the media continues it’s onslaught against him and even though the Democrats have taken control of the House, the American people as demonstrated in their Senate choices have stood by the Man. There was no “blue wave” as the pundits prophesied.

There was barely a ripple. The Republican undertow was much stronger and meaningful. It gives great hope that President Trump will win a second term. It also means that the American People have come to realize they are in the fight of their lives for their very existence and soul.

This is how Israel felt from 1993 to 2000. Essentially the “Right” has been in power ever since. I think America has and will learn as well as adopt lessons from the Israel Experience. I know Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a believer and so is her boss.