Yair Netanyahu sues driver who recorded him

Son of PM sues driver on grounds that he was not party to the conversation and thus his actions constitute forbidden 'wiretapping.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
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Yair Netanyahu, the son of the prime minister, is demanding a million shekels ($272,000) from Roi Rosen, the driver who recorded him secretly as he rode with his friends to a club.

According to the lawsuit filed by attorney Amit Hadad, who is representing Netanyahu at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court, the recording constitutes a violation of privacy and even forbidden “wiretapping,” on the grounds that the driver was not a party to the conversation.

In the suit, it was asserted in Netanyahu's name that the recording harmed not only his privacy but also "the interest of the entire Israeli public." This is because of what he defined as "loss of trust in the envelope of services provided by the State of Israel to those who require these services by virtue of their function."

It should be noted that under Israeli law, a person may record a conversation to which he is a party, even without the consent of the other parties to that conversation.

However, recording a conversation to which a person is not a party constitutes a criminal offense of "wiretapping," and creates grounds for a civil lawsuit.

The recording in question was broadcast in January on Channel 2.

In March, the Modi'in Ezrahi company, which employed the driver, filed a claim against him for a quarter of a million shekels, and now the driver will have to contend with another claim.