The 'Deal of the Century' mystery

White House is holding peace plans close to the chest, as Israel conveys in detail its fundamental positions to the US.

Nitzan Keidar ,

Trump with reporters outside White House
Trump with reporters outside White House

As the Trump administration gets closer to revealing what the “Deal of the Century” includes, a political source told Arutz Sheva that Israel is still "in the dark concerning everything about the plan."

“We gave over our opinion on every issue, and there were detailed discussions. They were told that under no circumstances was Israel going to agree to a plan that did not leave them in full control up to the Jordan River, and this clearly limits the variety of possibilities. On this, we will not compromise, and we’ll fight it if need be.”

He said the American government knows precisely where Israel stands on the peace plan. The concern is that, since the positions of the PA, which is boycotting the US mediation, are not being heard, the president’s peace team will express positions it sees as possible but which will not serve well for Israel.

The source concluded, “[The Americans] heard what we had to say. We will have to wait and see what their decisions are and what they write up.”

The source also noted that the date of he plan's publication may be influenced by an additional factor: namely, whether the PM will call for early elections, in which case he might ask the US to postpone publication of the plan until after the establishment of a new coalition. The belief in the political establishment is that Trump would agree to such a postponement.

Last night, it was reported that White House peace plan envoy Jason Greenblatt was in London for a closed conference, where he mentioned that the plan will “soon" be published.

In an interview with Channel 10, Greenblatt said, no side will like everything that’s written, and there will be a need to compromise. But we are confident that both sides will understand why we reached the conclusions that will be presented in the peace plan.”

Greenblatt stressed that most of the rumors about the peace plan have been wrong. He also stressed that the plan should be read from beginning to end before one forms an opinion about it. "Judge our peace plan according to what it is supposed to be - a proposal for a comprehensive solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," he reportedly said.