Nasrallah to Israel: Don't even think of attacking

Following reports that Israel preparing for imminent war against Hezbollah, Nasrallah promises to respond to any attack.

Tzvi Lev ,

Hassan Nasrallah
Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah's Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah blasted reports of a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel and warned the Jewish State not to attack Lebanon in a Saturday speech.

“We condemn any form of normalization with the Zionist entity,” Nasrallah said. “I say to the Palestinian people, do not lose hope over the Arab states’ normalization with Israel; what before went on behind the scenes now is taking place publicly. The current normalization has put an end to Arab hypocrisy, and removed the mask from the swindlers and hypocrites."

"Those who march and fall in Gaza's Marches of Return give us hope because they resist the pressures exerted on them," Nasrallah added. “If the Syrian people and the government had not resisted the pressure, we would see Netanyahu in Damascus."

Nasrallah also addressed reports that Israel warned the Lebanese government through American and European intermediaries that it was readying to attack Hezbollah in the near future to prevent it from acquiring advanced missiles.

“The source of our strength are our missiles because the Lebanese army is not allowed to acquire advanced missiles,” alleged Nasrallah.

“Netanyahu believes that the key is power and not the occupation," he added.. “His problem, though, is that we have the power. We will respond to any Israeli strike on Lebanon and will not accept any aggression by the enemy against our land."

A London-based Arab newspaper reported on Friday that American and European nations informed Lebanon that Israel will attack the country if the Hezbollah militia continues to develop their long-range missiles.

The Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah has been building factories in the heart of Beirut to convert missiles into highly-accurate precision weapons capable of striking sensitive Israeli sites. Upon deciding to convert its massive 150,000-strong rocket arsenal to missiles with pinpoint accuracy, Hezbollah chose to transfer its sites to the heart of Beirut in order to deter Israeli airstrikes.

Israel has repeatedly reiterated that it will not allow Hezbollah to obtain highly accurate missiles that would threaten sensitive Israelis sites and has been escalating its threats vis a vis Lebanon.