New law would heavily discount family-size cars

Jewish Home-sponsored bill would grant a 50% discount for parents buying a car that seats at least four children.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

New cars
New cars
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The Ministerial Committee on Legislation will debate a bill on Sunday that would heavily discount new cars that seat at least four children, or family cars.

Currently, new vehicles are taxed 92% when purchased. The legislation, which is being promoted by Jewish Home MK Bezalel Smotrich, would halve the tax rate for larger size vehicles in order to lower the economic burden on larger families.

The legislation's explanatory paragraph says that many parents are deterred from having a fourth child due to the high economic burden they face in buying a new car for their suddenly-expanded family.

"The State of Israel, as a country with the highest fertility rates in the world, has not succeeded in making significant moves to alleviate these families," the bill says.

The discount would only apply to residents of Israel with at least four children and would not apply to luxury vehicles.

Smotrich contended that the bill will also improve road safety as it would push parents to cease buying cheap cars that are often unsafe.

"This is a small amount of money that will dramatically improve the safety of vehicles on Israel's roads and will reduce in parallel the severity of the injury in the event of an accident, heaven forbid," said Smotrich.

"The high tax on cars means that many families simply do not have money for safety vehicles, and the result is old junk car that often lacks basic safety systems."