Women's movement slams deputy AG: You've humiliated us

Women's movement releases open letter to Deputy Attorney General who worked to prevent events where men and women prefer to be separate.

Mordechai Sones ,

Dina Zilber
Dina Zilber
Flash 90

The heads of the women's Shovrot Shivyon movement appealed in an open letter to Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber, who worked to prevent events where men and women prefer to be separate. The organization's name - "Breaking Equality" - is a play on words spoofing leftist organization Shovrim Shtika, which means "Breaking Silence"

The full letter says:

The Honorable

Mrs. Dina Zilber,

Deputy Attorney General:

Your unfitness to fill the position of Deputy Attorney General was not acquired in a monologue on the Cultural Loyalty Law. Your unfitness was acquired for six years in your war against what you call "exclusion of women in the public sphere".

Again and again you indignantly send angry letters to everyone you can. The Chief Military Prosecutor, the Tel Aviv Municipality, the Council for Higher Education, and more.

On the way, you hurt, trampled, and humiliated whole populations and especially us women who want to live our femininity in a way that suits us.

It is true that legal counsel should not be subject to politicians on the Right or Left, but it also should not be subordinate to your radical views.

We are here to remind you that you have been chosen to be attentive and to faithfully represent the People of Israel who desire unity and uniqueness in all its diversity.

We hope that this important and sensitive role will soon be restored to appropriate hands. To the people of Israel.

Shovrot Shivyon - Breaking Equality
Because Femininity means Essence