Dedication and leadership:
Parents fight back against gender disorientation doctrine

Parents find out state making schools teach morally repugnant and scientifically inaccurate doctrine to students, band together, and win.

Mordechai Sones ,

Protecting the child
Protecting the child

Seven months ago Arutz Sheva reported that California was to implement compulsory new classes encouraging children as young as six to "question their sexual orientation and gender identity", while teaching them how to use a range of vegetables for purposes other than for which they were created, and promoting deviance as “normal”.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington reported on a group of Battleground, Washington State parents who alerted each other when the same agenda was imposed on their own local public school system. With principled application of dedication and leadership, the parents won their struggle to roll back district moral and educational erosion.

"I actually ordered from King County Health the entire set of flash curriculum binders. If you look at the sites that this material sends kids to, they're strongly pointed in support of 'alternative' lifestyles and views," related one parent.

"In a matter of three weeks we went from not knowing anything about this to having almost 250 people show up at the meeting that night, and it was announced they were going to put the curriculum on hold," explained one mother. "So it was a great thing; very rewarding."

"I'm into this because I saw this for what it really is," said a father: "It's an attack upon children."

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