Rita Cosby at ZOA event: We must stand up to hatred

TV anchor at ZOA annual gala NYC event: 'We must stand with Israel, my family tried to do that, I hope I can carry on as much as possible.'

Orli Harari, New York ,

Rita Cosby and Dr. Joe Frager
Rita Cosby and Dr. Joe Frager
Yoni Kempinski

Television news anchor, correspondent, radio host, and best selling author Rita Cosby spoke to Arutz Sheva at the Zionist Organization of America's (ZOA) annual event in New York City.

"Most importantly to me, and why I love ZOA, and also why I think it's so important to stand strong with Israel and the Jewish People is my father grew up right outside the Warsaw Ghetto and tried to help those inside, those outside...

"And I feel right now, my goodness, especially now, we think about what's happened since the ZOA dinner last year that I had the very big honor of MCing. You think about what's happened now, in Pittsburgh, with the synagogue, and just the increase in hate around the world, we must stand up against it, we must stand with Israel, and I think my family tried in some small way to do that, I hope I can carry that on as much as possible," Cosby said.