Shaked fires Zilber:
'Deputy Legal Advisor exceeded authority, crossed every line'

Minister Shaked meets Attorney General, harshly attacks Deputy Legal Advisor's remarks in Cultural Loyalty Law debate.

Mordechai Sones,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
Mark Neiman/GPO

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked sent a harsh letter to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit this evening, forbidding Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber to represent the position of the government and various government bodies before Knesset committees.

Shaked told the Attorney General that Zilber "exceeded her authority and crossed every line." Shaked's letter to the Attorney General can be viewed in the original Hebrew here.

"It is clear from Zilber's repeated actions that she does not wish to act in accordance with the instructions of the Civil Service Authority, the directives of the Attorney General (or any other basic rule of proper administration that is obvious to all without being written down). It is also clear that she does not wish to act as a legal advisor in a professional and honest manner," notes Shaked in her letter.

Dina Zilber
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"There is no choice but to say that Zilber's political outlook should be expressed by running for political office within the framework of a party from the Knesset," Shaked adds.

In light of all this, Shaked states, "As of today, Ms. Dina Zilber has finished representing my position, the position of my office, or the position of the government in the government, one of its committees, or one of the Knesset committees."

Shaked adds, "She (Zilber) is not entitled to come to the government or the Knesset as the representative of the Ministry, in any discussion in which the government or the Knesset asks for the position of the Justice Ministry regarding security, population law, administrative law, government work, Judicial reviews, culture, tenders, proceedings in the Supreme Court, local government, agriculture, and ethics (or any other matter over which Zilber was responsible until today). I would like to coordinate with my office the arrival of another representative who will present the government's position."

The offensive remarks came when Zilber spoke of the Cultural Loyalty Law promoted by Culture Minister Miri Regev that expands the existing mechanism of the Nakba Law allowing to cancel budgets of cultural institutions that mark Independence Day as a day of mourning and negate the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

The bill was initiated by Culture Minister Miri Regev and is supported by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.

"The days bring not only new laws but new words - loyalty, governance, and more" Zilber said in a discussion of the Law and claimed there is "a wounding social discourse. If someone can be loyal, can someone else be a traitor? A Fifth column?".

"Show us a disciplined and educated people whose thought is uniform. Loyalty in culture is an oxymoron like a thunderous silence," added the Deputy Attorney General.

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