'British Jews live in fear'

Participants at the annual EJA conference in Brussels denounce Jeremy Corbryn as an antisemite and wave a red flag at developments in the UK

Yoni Kempinski, Brussels ,

London, Great Britain
London, Great Britain
Nati Shohat/FLASH90

At the annual European Jewish Association conference, held in Brussels today and tomorrow (Tuesday & Wednesday), politicians, lay leaders and Jewish communal figures gather from all across Europe to address the current concerns of European Jewry. Prominent among discussion topics is the rise of antisemitism in the UK as embodied by the ascension of Jeremy Corbryn as head of the Labor party and potentially next Prime Minister of England. A panel entitled "Securing a future for British Jewry against the threat of political and criminal anti-Semitism.” was held. Arutz Sheva's own Yoni Kempinski interviews the participants.

"I think its one of the most incredible developments in my career as a jounalist" remarked David Maddox, Political Editor at The Sunday Express (United Kingdom). "I never thought I would see a mainstream party effectively be a antisemitic party"

Matthew James Offord MP, Member of Parliament for Hendon (United Kingdom) countered that " I do stress that there are many people in the Labor Party who don't share such antisemitic views and certainly are good on issues such as Israel"

Gideon Falter, Chairman at the UK Campaign against Anti-Semitism, maintained that "British Jews are very concerned about their future". "We don't see anything that Jeremy Corbryn can do, it is too far now. He is a antisemite. You can't ask an antisemite to clear out antisemitism from his political party"

Matthew James Offord MP, Member of Parliament for Hendon (United Kingdom) Yoni Kempinski, Brussels