'Rights Paper' that's trying to damage Jewish nature of IDF

The Secular Forum posts their 'Rights' with the intent to damage the Jewish nature of the IDF

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Soldiers in prayer
Soldiers in prayer
Flash 90

The organization named "The Secular Forum" recently publicized a "Rights Paper" document that gathers together all the orders of the Chief of Staff within the past several years that prevent the living of a secular lifestyle in the IDF.

The document goes through the religious orders of the IDF and points out why secular soldiers are negatively affected by them and how they should conduct themselves.

The Forum, which bears the slogan "the Secular Revolution Begins", held a summit on "religiousization in the army" in the Knesset two months ago.

The document, widely distributed to soldiers, states that according to the Chief of Staff's orders, no resriction is placed on the use of a cellphone or portable computer. On Yom HaKippur, there is no order to prevent an individual solider from cooking on an individual level outside of the base's kitchen, the document points out. Also noted is that a secular soldier may turn to a commander and request not to participate in any activity that runs counter to his belief system.

On Pesach it is forbidden to search the personal bags of soldiers on suspicion that they may have brought leaven onto the base.

Captain (res.) Etai Asman from the organization "Torat Lechima" sent out a response to the document "for almost 70 years religious, traditional and secular soldiers have served in the IDF side by side with brotherly love and unity on the firm basis of a clarity of nature and mutual respect that is unparalleled in any other organization in the State of Israel."

"During the past two years, this ideology has detiriorated as a result of organizational adgendas bankrolled by the New Israel Fund such as "The Secular Forum", Adalah and Breaking the Silence that damage the soldiers and commanders. Their goal is singular- to strike at the consensus and to crumble the IDF from inside. This we won't allow".

Soldiers of Neztah Yehuda Battalion complete final stage of 40 kilometer night journey
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