Zionist Union MK's poll targeting prime minister backfires

Poll by MK Michaeli aims to bolster attack on the acquisition of a plane for the prime minister, but most respondents refuse to cooperate.

Hezki Baruch ,

Meirav Michaeli
Meirav Michaeli
Flash 90

MK Meirav Michaeli (Zionist Union) published a poll on her Twitter account in order to slam the Finance Committee's decision to approve a budget of 60 million shekels for the purchase of an airplane for prime ministers and presidents.

"What would you invest 60 million shekels in?" asked Michaeli in the poll, and offered four possible answers: "Rehabilitation of agriculture in the Gaza envelope," "Increasing disability allowances," "Public transportation," or "Plane for Netanyahu."

Out of 5,894 respondents who had voted so far, the vast majority (69%) chose the fourth option - investing in a special and secure plane for Israeli prime ministers.

Poll backfires (Screenshot)

Michaeli tried to explain away her embarrassment, claiming that fake users had voted in the poll. "Netanyahu's bots really chose the plane for him, at the expense of all of us. After all, they are not hurt by the gunfire in Gaza, are not disabled and poor, and do not sit in traffic jams. Only us boring people,” she wrote.