West Binyamin protests needlessly-long route to Jerusalem

Dolev-Talmonim bloc residents demand paving of new route be resumed to spare them an hour-and-a-half long trip that could take 20 minutes.

Mordechai Sones ,

התושבים מפגינים
התושבים מפגינים
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Residents of the Dolev-Talmonim bloc traveled Friday morning in a convoy towards Route 443 on the road that was used by residents until 2000 but was closed by the IDF.

Residents of Dolev, Talmon, Neriah, Haresha, Kerem Re'im and Nachaliel are forced to travel an hour-and-a-half to Jerusalem instead of a journey that could last 20 minutes.

Instead of traveling a 15-kilometer route, thousands of residents have to travel 47 kilometers every day, encountering heavy traffic at Shilat junction.

West Binyamin is demanding Route 935, the paving of which was halted, be paved as was promised in the past. Until the halt order is lifted and the road is paved, residents demand a temporary solution - to be able to return to the old route that runs through the village of Ein Ariq and the Beituniya bypass, passing mostly through Area C and short sections of Area B - under proper security.

Adi Mintz, one of the leaders of the road construction committee for Highway 935, explained to participants the route to Jerusalem's importance and its rapid paving for developing western Binyamin.