Netanyahu: Israel's position is improving

PM heads to Bulgaria to meet with nine other heads of State in part of attempts to change the the behavior of the EU towards Israel.

Nitsan Keidar, Ezra Sanders ,

Binyamin Netanyahu meets with Federica Mogherini
Binyamin Netanyahu meets with Federica Mogherini
Avi Ohayon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu flew to Bulgaria Thursday afternoon, where he will participate in a forum comprised of several European leaders

Before boarding the plane, Netanyahu said "I'm heading out now to engage in policy at the highest levels. I will meet my good friends the prime ministers of Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and the president of Serbia

Netanyahu underscored the attempt to alter the anti-Israel conduct of the European Union. "These are not just personal friendships. These are obviously to strengthen our relations with each and every country but this is also a group of countries that I want to advance my policy; to change the hypocritical and hostile approach of the EU.

"This is a process that will take time but I believe in setting goals and striving towards them systematically. I believe that this too we will achieve in time. This is an important matter for the State of Israel, whose position is rising in the world."

PM Netanyahu and PM Borissov
Haim Zach (GPO)