Bereaved father:
'Stop the nonsense, demolish the terrorist's home'

Rafael Levengrond, father of Kim who was murdered in the Barkan terrorist attack, wonders why the terrorist's home is still standing.

Benny Tocker ,

Rafael and Chava Levengrond
Rafael and Chava Levengrond
Yehuda Chaim/Flash 90

Rafael Levengrond, father of Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel who was murdered in the terrorist attack in the Barkan industrial zone earlier this month, said on Wednesday that he has not been receiving updates from the defense establishment about any progress in the efforts to locate the terrorist, who fled the scene.

"I'm not in touch with anyone, no one calls, no one tells us what's going on. They came to me from the army during the shiva and made promises, but I guess they learned from the politicians how to make promises but not to fulfill them. They promised me that they would let me know, that they would share with me, that I would know what was going on. But in practice I know what is happening from the media, not from them," said the bereaved father.

The fact that the terrorist has not been captured to this day proves that the murder was planned, said Levengrond. "The action that he carried out was planned very well," he said, wondering why the terrorist’s home is still standing.

"He did not just commit an attack and murdered my daughter. He executed her. He tied her up. So this is an execution, and what I do not understand is how the home of a person who carried out an execution is still standing. I cannot understand this.”

"Apart from all the chatter and nonsense of all the politicians who speak a lot of meaningless words, there is no plan to destroy the house. His family must first of all be thrown out of the village in which they live. They should be moved to another place in the territories,” said Levengrond.

He spoke of his grandson who has been left without his mother, saying, “We do our best to maintain his routine. He goes to kindergarten every morning. He’s 16 months old and probably doesn’t remember his mother. We try to maintain his daily routine so that he does not feel anything. His father lives next to me, Kim lived right next door, we lived on the same floor, at the same entrance. We were always together. Kim bought the apartment next to mine several months ago. Before that, she lived in Barkan, so that’s why she also worked in Barkan."

He expressed hope that the terrorist will be caught but also said he hopes he does not survive. "I do not want him to be given a university education, to be allowed to complete a master's degree in prison, I have no problem with him getting caught and being brought to trial, but he does not have to live, no matter which way."

Rafael invited the public to take part in a march in memory of Kim and Ziv Hajbi, who was also murdered in the attack. "On November 6 at 6:30 in the evening we will march from the entrance to Barkan to the factory. If anyone who wants to join us, we will be thrilled. Of course, there are permits for the march."