PA leader asks China to support Abbas' peace initiative

PA cabinet leader hosts Chinese Vice President, urges him to support Abbas initiative which calls for international peace conference.

Elad Benari ,

Wang Qishan and Rami Hamdallah
Wang Qishan and Rami Hamdallah

Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet leader Rami Hamdallah on Tuesday met with Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan and urged him to support the peace initiative of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

In a post on Facebook, Hamdallah said he discussed with the Chinese Vice President “enhancing joint cooperation and the latest political developments, including the Israeli violations against our people and the US unilateral moves to support such violations.”

“I called China to support President Abbas’ peace initiative and to hold an international peace conference in which China will be a key sponsor,” he added.

“I salute China for its support to the Palestinian issue, the two-state solution, and for its continued support for Palestine in many fields,” wrote Hamdallah.

The Abbas peace initiative to which Hamdallah was referring was first introduced by the PA chairman in a speech before the UN Security Council in February.

The plan calls for an international peace conference and for establishing an international mechanism to sponsor the peace process with Israel.

According to Abbas’ plan, which he brought up again during a meeting with the Bosnian president in August, the international conference should bring about the implementation of the two-state solution within the pre-1967 borders and realize the Palestinians' right to freedom and independence in a state whose capital is eastern Jerusalem.

While Abbas is promoting this initiative, he has rejected US attempts to restart peace talks with Israel and has been boycotting the US ever since Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last December.

The PA chairman has continuously chosen to impose preconditions on talks with Israel rather than heeding Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's call to negotiate.

Last month, Abbas denied US claims that the PA has refused to enter peace talks with Israel. His comments came in response to US National Security Adviser John Bolton, who said that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) mission in Washington was being shut because the PLO hadn’t taken steps toward negotiations.

Abbas said in response that “we didn’t reject negotiations as the Israelis claim,” and added that the Palestinian side is “ready for any confidential or public talks.”