'Relations between China and Israel are excellent'

President Rivlin meets China's Vice President who is visiting Israel.

Ben Ariel,

Wang Qishan and Reuven Rivlin
Wang Qishan and Reuven Rivlin
Mark Nayman/GPO

President Reuven Rivlin on Tuesday met Vice President Wang Qishan of China, who is visiting Israel for the first time. The visit took place at the President’s Residence.

“The relations between China and Israel are excellent - based on mutual respect, a shared past and a promising future,” said Rivlin. He added that the good relations between the two people began as early as the 10th century CE with the Jewish community of Kaifeng.

The two leaders spoke about the growing cooperation between the two countries in the field of economy and innovation and about the joint projects under development.

Vice President Wang Qishan thanked the president for his welcome and said, “The relations between the two countries are based on a long shared history, as you mentioned, and also on partnership in innovation.”

“Israel does not have large natural resources, but the miracle of development rests on the tremendous human capital of this nation. As Chairman Mao said, human beings are the most precious asset,” he added.

The Chinese Vice President arrived in Israel on Monday with a delegation of ministers and deputy ministers from approximately 13 ministries for an official visit at the invitation of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister and the Chinese Vice President will chair the fourth meeting of the Israel-China Innovation Conference in a G2G format at the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

Netanyahu and his wife welcomed the Chinese Vice President at the Prime Minister’s Residence on Monday evening.

Netanyahu told the visiting Vice President, "Welcome to Israel. This the most important visit by a Chinese leader in the last 18 years. It's a sign of our growing friendship. The fact that the Vice President of China came to Israel at my invitation for the Prime Minister's Innovation Conference is a tremendous compliment to Israel and a reflection of the growing ties between China and Israel. And I look forward to our discussions."

Israel and China have been expanding their economic ties in recent years. Netanyahu visited China last year and met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The two announced a comprehensive innovation partnership between the countries.