Hit-and-run driver not to be charged with manslaughter

Indictment to include only offenses of abandonment and drunk driving, since prosecution not yet decided who is responsible for accident.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

The prosecution is expected to file an indictment against Ashdod soccer player Yitzhak Espa for his involvement in an accident in which the late Ari Nesher was killed.

However, the indictment against Espa will apparently include only offenses of abandonment and drunken driving, and will not include a manslaughter offense.

The indictment will not include manslaughter because prosecution has not yet decided who caused the fatal accident, and who should be blamed for causing the accident and death of Ari Nesher - Espa who drove the vehicle or Ari's friend who drove him on his bicycle.

Yesterday, the Tel Aviv District Court accepted the police's appeal and ordered Espa's return to full house arrest for suspicion of involvement in the accident that led to Nesher's death.

"We have a suspect who during interrogation denies connection to the accident, and claims he doesn't remember anything," the interrogator said, adding that the suspect was confronted with witnesses who were also his good friends.

Justice Heiman ruled the suspect be returned to house arrest by today. "After I examined the details, I think the danger is clear, but this is not a small danger, but rather serious behavior, he was drunk, hit a bicycle rider and caused his death, and didn't see fit to save lives and fled."