'Heart of the Parasha' with Rabbi Lundin at Bar-Ilan University

Every week at Bar-Ilan University hundreds convene for weekly Torah lessons by Rabbi Haggai Lundin in cooperation with Kollel Organization.

Rafael Levy ,

Rabbi Lundin's shiur at Bar Ilan
Rabbi Lundin's shiur at Bar Ilan
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Every week, hundreds of people gather at the Bar-Ilan University Beit Midrash to hear the Heart of the Parsha lesson by Rabbi Haggai Lundin, who deals with the weekly Torah portion.

The lesson is a joint initiative of the Community Organization, the Higher Institute for Torah Studies, and the Campus Rabbi's Office at Bar-Ilan University.

The classes are taught at the University Beit Midrash on Mondays at 20:30 by Rabbi Haggai Lundin and also broadcast on Moreshet Radio.

"We hope a class in such a central place in Israel will be able to further expand the learning audience," said Rabbi Lundin.

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