Did IDF officer open fire in Meah Sharim?

IDF, police release conflicting reports on whether IDF officer injured by mob of rioters in haredi neighborhood fired shots.

David Rosenberg ,

Haredi demonstration (archive)
Haredi demonstration (archive)

Israeli police and IDF officials probed an alleged shooting incident during an anti-draft demonstration in the Meah Sharim neighborhood of Jerusalem overnight, when an IDF officer is suspected of having fired shots in the air after being injured by rioters.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered in Meah Sharim Sunday night as part of a protest organized by an anti-draft haredi group to condemn the arrest of three young women who refused draft orders.

During the protest, demonstrators reportedly attacked an IDF officer, lightly injuring him.

According to an IDF spokesperson, the officer fired shots in the air to drive off the attackers, and told investigators that he feared for his life.

After the incident, the officer was picked up by army police and taken for questioning. He did not require treatment, the IDF said.

Police launched a parallel investigation of the circumstances of the incident, and probing whether the officer had in fact fired any shots during the confrontation.

In a statement Monday morning, police claimed that no shots were fired – contradicting the IDF’s account of the incident.

“We emphasize that following the police investigation of the incident, it has been found that while the soldier was surrounded by a number of haredi radicals in the [Meah Sharim] neighborhood, no shots were fired in the air,” police said in the statement.