Tel Aviv woman killed in apartment fire

Fire breaks out in home near Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, killing resident.

David Rosenberg,

Scene of fire
Scene of fire
MDA spokesperson

A fire broke out in a Tel Aviv residential building early Monday morning, killing one person, police reported.

The incident occurred on Yom Tov Street, next to the Carmel Market in central Tel Aviv Monday morning.

Authorities report that the fire began in the back yard of a single-story residential building, near a storage shed. The fire then quickly spread to the building itself, trapping a 62-year-old woman inside.

Firefighting units were dispatched to the scene and managed to pull the woman from the burning building.

Emergency medical teams attempted to resuscitate the woman after she was pulled from the building, but were ultimately forced to declare her death.

“When we arrived on the scene, we saw heavy smoke coming out of a one-story building which had gone up in flames,” said MDA paramedic Danny Ben Arush.

“Firefighters were there attempting to extinguish the fire, and as soon as it was possible, a search of the building was conducted, and a 62-year-old woman was pulled out who was unconscious, had no heartbeat and was not breathing. She was suffering from burns and smoke inhalation. We performed advanced resuscitation techniques on her…but her condition was critical, and in the end, we were forced to declare her death.”

After the woman’s death, police released a statement regarding the incident.

“A short time ago, the Israel Police’s 100 call center received a report of a fire in the Carmel Market. Police units and rescue teams are on the scene. Firefighters are working to get the fire under control. The public is asked to avoid the area in order to enable police officers and rescue workers to do their job.”

Police have opened an investigation into the incident.