Commentator calls cabinet ministers 'heroes' for Gaza restraint

Veteran political commentator proud of cabinet decision not to launch large-scale attack in Gaza. 'Ministers knew to conquer their urges.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Beer Sheva destruction by Gaza rocket
Beer Sheva destruction by Gaza rocket
Flash 90

Hadashot veteran political commentator Arad Nir welcomes the decision of the Political-Security Cabinet not to launch a large-scale attack on Gaza following Hamas terror and rocket fire into Israel.

"A cabinet of heroes gathered last night at Binyamin Netanyahu's office in Balfour Street in Jerusalem: ministers who knew how to conquer their urges," wrote Nir.

According to him, the government "was not dragged into a frenzy and refrained from using more force that would lead to further destruction, which would eventually lead to an arrangement and, of course, puffing out the chest and emphasizing that deterrence was restored. Nonsense. Every child in Gaza knows what kind of force faces those who attack the fence and the launchers."

Arad Nir
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Nir claims that since the cabinet ministers "conquered their urge" they must now implement the outline of the arrangement the Egyptians have been promoting in recent weeks.

He explains that "the rocket that was launched into Beersheba, and because of many circles of civil defense and personal responsibility that caused great property damage but didn't shed blood, can serve as a ladder for the rebellious leadership in Gaza to descend from the tree of refusal.

''This successful launch can be used for their victory rhetoric: 'Here we've subjugated the enemy who, due to his fears, agrees to give us relief in exchange for calm.' They'll talk and we'll hold back. Because we're smart. Strong. Heroes," said Nir.