"My name wasn't always Chana"

A convert's dream come true. She knew, even then, that there was something more to life.

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“My name wasn’t always Chana.* I was born with a different name, in a poor suburb in America. My parents were addicts, and we lived our lives traveling from place to place, looking for somewhere to sleep. Sometimes it was a relative’s house, sometimes the street. I knew, even then, there must be something more to life.

When I was 13 I started learning everything I could about Judaism. By the time I was 18, my dream came true: I finished my conversion. I was Jewish! I came to Israel to learn more Torah. Not long after my arrival, my father passed away. My mother is still an addict and does not want to have a relationship with me.

If you saw me on the street here you would think I was always a young Jewish girl. Baruch Hashem I began shidduchim last year, and have met a very special chassan. He is also a ger. We could not be happier: We will have the opportunity to start a home, and to Gd willing raise Jewish children.

One thing weighs on my mind, keeping me from happiness: My chassan and I are very poor. We do not have money to feed our wedding guests, or for any other essentials. We are starting our lives with nothing. I know that Hashem will protect us, and I am davening that with the help of Kupat Ha’Ir’s orphan wedding program, we will have a little bit of help.”

This is “Chana”’s story, but each of the 40 orphans who are part of Kupat Ha’Ir’s orphan wedding program has a unique tale of grief & loss. With their parents gone, and no one to turn to, the gedolim step in each month to help these special people to build a "bayit ne’eman b’yisrael."

Rav Chaim Kanievsky is personally involved with this month’s program, and has penned a personal letter with a powerful bracha for all those who participate:

Donors “will merit, midah k’neged midah (measure for measure), to make a simcha soon in their own homes.”

Those familiar with Rav Kanievsky know that his words are chosen meticulously. It is a very special bracha, for those who are longing to make a simcha, or who know someone who is.

Those who wish to join Rav Chaim Kanievsky in helping orphans like “Chani” can do so here for a limited time.



*Details have been changed to preserve the orphans' privacy.