Police detain anti-infiltrator activist Shefi Paz

Activist Shefi Paz detained for questioning after allegedly spraying word 'deportation' in several south Tel Aviv locations.

Mordechai Sones ,

South Tel Aviv resident and activist Sheffi Paz
South Tel Aviv resident and activist Sheffi Paz
Flash 90

Shefi Paz, one of the leaders of the struggle to expel infiltrators, was detained for questioning by police today after allegedly spraying graffiti on a number of buildings in the southern Tel Aviv area.

Paz was investigated for defacing land, improper behavior in a public place, and damage to property.

At the end of her interrogation, police informed the suspect that in light of the allegations, she must sign conditions for her release, including being distanced from the scene of the offense for 14 days.

Graffitti allegedly sprayed by Paz
Police Spokesmen

Due to Paz's refusal to sign the conditions, she will be brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court this evening to determine conditions for her release by a judge.

Paz's attorney Itamar Barkai said: "The Israeli police, which are unable to cope with illegal infiltrators, have set a target: neighborhood residents. In a scandalous manner, the police, headed by the Sharat Station, act to suppress residents of the neighborhoods who are unwilling to accept government lawlessness regarding the infiltrator issue, and regarding the lack of law enforcement on infiltrators by the police.

"From day to day it seems the State's behavior is intensifying and has become true persecution of the real victims - the residents of the neighborhoods, those who have been abandoned to their fate - and all under the auspices, cooperation, and even initiative of the police, who are supposed to protect them," said Barkai.