High Court rejects petition to return terrorists' bodies

Court rejects calls to release bodies of murderers of Rabbi Raziel Shevach and Adi Kolman on procedural grounds.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Justice Menachem Mazuz
Justice Menachem Mazuz
Miriam Alster/Flash 90

The High Court of Justice rejected the petition of the families of the terrorists who murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach and Adi Kolman, who demanded that their bodies be returned.

However, the rejection of the petition does not herald a change in policy on the part of the High Court of Justice, since the judges' decision holds that instead of filing a petition regarding each terrorist separately, one petition was filed demanding the release of the bodies of two terrorists.

The judges Mazuz, Elron and Barak Erez determined in their decision, "After reviewing the petition and the Respondents' response, we reached the conclusion that in the case before us, the petition should be summarily dismissed for the reason that the petition binds the case of two different petitioners."

They also note that there may be a different ruling when separate petitions are filed. "The aforesaid does not prevent the Petitioners from returning their case, in separate petitions, before this Court."

The judges mentioned in their decision the hearing in the High Court of Justice demanding the release of the bodies of terrorists, in which it was determined that the military commander does not have the authority to hold terrorist bodies for negotiations, but noted that the court accepted the State's request for a hearing in addition to the matter, and a delay in the carrying out of the judgment was allowed until the decision is given in the additional hearing.