Sarah Sanders: 'Ludicrous' that FBI should interview Ford again

Sarah Sanders calls out Democrats for not asking their questions during the hearing, says no reason for FBI to interview Ford again.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Sarah Huckabee Sanders

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders slammed Democrat senators for insisting the FBI interview Christine Blasey Ford again.

In an interview with FOX News Channel's "AMERICA’S NEWSROOM," Sanders said, "The idea that the FBI needs to interview her [Christine Blasey Ford] again is ludicrous…if they [Democratic Senators] didn't get to ask what they wanted it's their own mistake."

"I can tell you that the whole world watched as Dr. Ford was interviewed for hours by the individuals who have to make the decision. That's the Senators themselves. They had ample opportunity to ask any question they wanted of Dr. Ford and if they didn't get enough that was their own fault, because they didn't step up to the plate and ask the questions they need answers to.

"The idea, somehow, that they now need to interview, that the FBI needs to interview her again is ludicrous. They had an opportunity to do so, they should have taken it and if they didn't get to ask what they wanted that was their own mistake."

Sanders also promised to "stay in close contact with a number of senators" and said she looks forward to working with them "to make sure we get this vote through over the next day or two."

Defending US President Donald Trump's reaction to the issue, Sanders explained that Trump wants "to see his nominee be treated fairly. He wants this process to be run the right way."

Last week, Ford provided the Senate with an account of an alleged assault against her by Kavanaugh when the two were in high school. However, an FBI investigation "found no supporting evidence of allegations of sexual misconduct" by Kavanaugh, who may be confirmed on Saturday.