Terrorist's children's book to launch in Israeli-Arab town

B'Tzalmo organization: Celebration of terrorist by his hometown 'spits in face of murdered soldier's family.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Moshe Tamam's family
Moshe Tamam's family
Yossi Tzur

The terrorist Walid Daka, who was involved in the murder of IDF soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984, wrote a children's book while in prison.

A festive event to launch the book, "The Story of the Secret of Oil," will take place next Thursday at the community center in the town of Baqa al-Garbiyeh in northern Israel, the terrorist's hometown.

The event will be attended by the mayor of Baka al-Garbiyeh, Murdi Abu Mouk, during which the artist's paintings and manuscripts will be presented and the new book can be purchased.

Following the Arutz Sheva's request to the Interior Ministry, the ministry will examine whether the municipality is permitted to host an event at a municipal institution to honor terrorists.

"The District Commissioner in the Interior Ministry is conducting an examination of the allegations and is speaking with the persons concerned. During the next week, at the end of the examination of the facts, the Ministry's position will make its final decision the matter," the Interior Ministry said.

Extreme leftwing activist Dr. Anat Matar called on her Facebook friends to come to the launch of the book written by the terrorist, and even noted that participating in the event was a support for the terrorist. "My dear friend, the prisoner Walid Daka, is not wasting his time in prison. He reads and writes constantly," she said.

"He recently published a children's book, "The Story of the Secret of Oil," and here is the invitation to the book launch in his village, Baka al-Gharbiya. Of course, participation in the event is in support of children. You are warmly invited," added Matar.

Shai Glick of the 'B'Tzalmo' organization said in response: "This is a complete madness. It makes no sense that a person who is in prison and is defined as a security risk is receiving a public platform funded by the government to publicize his incitement."

"This is in addition to the show which tells the story of his life, which is still being presented at the Al Midan Theater, which continues to enjoy generous government funding. This is spitting in the face of the soldier's family. We demand that the Interior Minister prevent the event."