Anger after Yesh Atid candidate releases anti-haredi video

Outrage after Holon municipal releases video warning of haredi turnout. 'Baseless hatred, racism, an embarrassment.'

Tzvi Lev ,

Marcello Soss/Flash90

A Yesh Atid candidate for the Holon municipality caused an uproar after he released a clip openly targeting haredi Jews.

In the video, candidate Ilan Gazit warns voters that their low turnout for the October 30th elections would hand the city over to the haredi factions

"On Election Day you will enjoy a day off, but they will vote. You, the secular people, will go for a picnic, shopping, spend some money, but they will go to vote," said Gazit in front of a picture of haredim voting.

"You say that your vote does not matter and everything is sold in advance, but they will go to vote," continued Gazit. "You say you do not believe anyone, and everyone just promises, but they'll just go and vote."

"The citizens of Holon, this is the first time that Yesh Atid running for mayor and the council, we were not here in the previous elections, and they already have five representatives on the outgoing council, and they will probably be much more," warned Gazit.

The video went viral, with many condemning Gazit for attacking the haredi sector. Some pointed out that the video resembled the famous clip Prime Minister Netanyahu released during the 2015 elections warning that "The Arabs are voting in droves".

Haredi pundit Yedidya Meir savaged Gazit on his Facebook page and accused him of spreading baseless hatred."To my fellow Holon residents, My name is Ilan Gazit from Yesh Atid. I hate 'Them' and I do not even have to explain or explain in my miserable video what I have against 'Them'", wrote Meir.

The central city of Holon holds its elections for mayor and the municipality on October 30 along with the rest of Israel. This year will be the first time that all Israelis will have a legally-mandated vacation day in order to enable high voter turnout.