The Targeted Murder of Ari Fuld

Dr. Joseph Frager ,

Ari Fuld
Ari Fuld

The murder of Ari Fuld in the prime of his life with a young family has pulled at the heartstrings of both Americans and Israelis.He bridged both worlds heroically.

The Israeli -American orbit could relate to him in ways that very few could ever achieve. His murder will resonate and reverberate for millennia. If and when (I favor the latter) Israel decides to finally finish Hamas off once and for all it will be because of Ari Fuld. He will be the battle cry that makes all soldiers fight harder, longer and more determinedly.

Every Israeli and American soldier will dig in that much more because of Ari Fuld. He is and was the Soldier's Soldier. My friends in the American Military know it and my friends in the Israeli Army know it.He was an exceptional human being.The stories are just beginning to pour in as to how brave and brilliant he was. My own son who studied for a year in Israel tells me that the only one who stood up for him was Ari Fuld. He had a tremendous impact on my son and countless others which will last a lifetime. When I helped organize a press conference this past summer in Efrat with Governor Mike Huckabee, Ari Fuld was there. Ari interviewed Mike Huckabee.

He was not afraid to ask tough questions. The Governor was extremely moved by Ari and I daresay will influence him and his family the rest of his life. Having said this, I don't think the murder of Ari Fuld was a random, lone wolf attack. The Police reports are not yet available, and I am not one to believe in conspiracy theories but I fully believe the murder of Ari Fuld was a paid targeted assassination. Ari was a big, strong, muscular man who no one in their right mind would want to start up with. He was also always armed. To say that he was chosen by Khalil Yousef Ali Jabarin haphazardly or randomly does not seem plausible. I believe Khalil Jabarin was a well trained assassin, paid for by the PA who knew exactly who his target was. Ari was a very vocal and outspoken advocate for Judea and Samaria.

The Arabs know more about the Jews than one might think. They are much better informed than one is led to believe. They know who our greats are.They knew that Ari was one of them. They also live and breathe the web and so did Ari.

Since the Oslo Accords were signed 25 years ago, the sophistication of the targeted assassinations of our real heroes has only increased. The assassination of Minister and General Rechavam Zeevi in 2001 at the Hyatt Hotel in Jerusalem comes to mind.

The Oslo Accords brought terror to Israel's doorstep. It has only gotten worse. Ari Fuld was a victim of a well thought out, targeted assassination. I pray he should be the last. It is up to our leaders to guarantee that this is the case.