Report: Fourth missile site exposed in Lebanon

Satellite photo attests to the existence of another rocket-enhancement site in southern Beirut.

Ben Ariel ,

Hezbollah member
Hezbollah member

Thousands of residents of southern Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, received over the last 24 hours a message with an image of a satellite and a warning about a Hezbollah rocket-enhancement site in the area, Channel 10 News reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the IDF exposed yet another missile enhancement plant in the region. An interpretation of the photo shows that it is located in the heart of a neighborhood.

This site in question is in addition to the three sites uncovered by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in his speech at the UN General Assembly last week, in which he showed Hezbollah weapons factories operating under population centers without the knowledge of the residents.

The IDF later published a video and pictures of the sites in question.

The fourth site is located in the heart of a residential neighborhood, next to a school and a hospital and a small distance from a large university and the offices of the Spanish embassy in Beirut.

It is believed the IDF sent the warning about the site to the local residents in an attempt to make the local population aware of the dangers it faces, according to Channel 10 News.

Earlier this week, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry invited all foreign ambassadors in Lebanon to a meeting at its premises in order to respond to the allegations made by Netanyahu in his UN speech.

Netanyahu responded to the Lebanese move and said that "Hezbollah is brazenly lying to the international community by means of the fraudulent propaganda tour of the Lebanese Foreign Minister who took ambassadors to the soccer field but refrained from taking them to the nearby underground precision missile production facility. The ambassadors should ask themselves why they waited three days before making the tour. Hezbollah always takes care to clean the area at exposed sites.”

"It is unfortunate that the Lebanese government is sacrificing the peace of its citizens to cover for Hezbollah which has taken Lebanon hostage for its aggression against Israel," Netanyahu added.