Yesh Atid's token kipa favors demilitarized Palestinian state

Kfar Etzion member Tor-Paz joins Yesh Atid and reveals views on range of controversies, same-gender marriage, reform, and more.

Mordechai Sones ,

Lapid and Tor-Paz last week
Lapid and Tor-Paz last week
Yesh Atid Spokesman

Moshe (Kineli) Tor-Paz and Tehila Friedman announced last week they would join Yesh Atid party, thereby bolstering the "religious wing" of Lapid's party.

Whoever hoped the additions would increase ideological diversity within Yesh Atid is likely to be disappointed.

In an interview with Army Radio, Moshe Tor-Paz clarified that in a Knesset vote about same-gender marriage he will vote for the proposal. "I'm in favor. If you googled my name you know that I supported it and even published my opinion."

In response to a question about his position on recognizing the Reform movement in Israel, Tor-Paz replied, "I'm in favor of recognizing them for partnership on the issue of conversion and the outline of the Western Wall. Of course, a Reform or Conservative rabbi is not recognized today in Israel for marriage and divorce. I'm in favor of reaching out and strengthening the status of the Reform movement, certainly; as I do in my own life as a religious Zionist."

Tor-Paz also expressed support for public transportation on Shabbat "in places where there's a secular majority."

He supports a political agreement that would lead to establishing a demilitarized Palestinian state. "I live in Judea and Samaria and I'm part of settlement. In the foreseeable future I don't see an agreement. If in the future there'll be something to talk about - there's something to talk about, a state minus, without an army.

"If the State of Israel makes a decision to vacate my house, I'll be very sad, but I won't refuse an order and I'll vacate my house," Tor-Paz said.