'We brought the devil into our home'

Mother of abused toddlers thanks court for prison sentence imposed on abuser, calls on parents to open their eyes.

Mordechai Sones ,

Child abuse
Child abuse

The mother of the toddlers who were assaulted by their caretaker, who was sentenced by the Haifa Magistrate's Court yesterday to a one-year sentence, spoke with News Ten about her feelings after the sentence and noted that she felt justice had been done.

"We thank the court for having found it appropriate to give a one-year sentence to a caregiver who abused our children," the mother said.

"We hope that in the future it will warn other caregivers who care for the helpless, children or adults. They should understand that punishments are being meted out, and we hope this will really deter them," she added.

"To my closest friends I don't recommend bringing a nanny," she admitted. "But if someone has to bring a nanny they should sit every night and watch the cameras for hours on end, not just through the mobile for a few minutes during the day.

"You should watch every step of the caretaker. You can't trust anyone. We brought in someone who introduced herself as Haifa's guru in caring for twins. We received many recommendations, and we didn't know that we brought the devil into our home," she said.