The Lebanese performance

Lebanon boasts 73 diplomats came on tour to refute Netanyahu remarks on missile sites, but it turns out most were junior. Who didn't come?

Mordechai Sones ,

lebanese army soldier stands guard during a tour for diplomats and journalists
lebanese army soldier stands guard during a tour for diplomats and journalists

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry yesterday boasted that 73 diplomats and foreign ambassadors had taken part in a tour of sites that Prime Minister Netanyahu identified in his UN speech as missile upgrade sites.

The Lebanese claimed the tour was proof that Netanyahu invented the accusations.

However, it seems the world prefers to believe Netanyahu rather than the show organized by the Lebanese Foreign Minister. The state-owned Al-Akhbar newspaper checked who participated in the tour and what their rank was.

As expected, the US did not send representatives, but also the Gulf states deliberately boycotted the tour and sent no representative.

Most European countries sent representatives of embassy secretary rank and even lower echelons - and even hinted that according to the intelligence information they received, Netanyahu's accusations contain some substance. France was the exception that sent its own ambassador on the tour.

Additionally, in contrast to the Lebanese boast, Al Akhbar strongly criticizes Foreign Ministry conduct, which was not prepared to receive so many diplomats and caused the departure of two diplomats who, according to the newspaper, were looking for any way to leave the area, moments after demonstrating their presence at the tour's starting point.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil gestures as he speaks during a tour