New musical art video in memory of Ari Fuld

Tribes: The Sons of Israel musical video is presented from Outreach of Humanity series.

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Tribes of Israel
Tribes of Israel

A new art musical video called Tribes. The Sons of Israel is a part of the Outreach to Humanity series of projects carried on by The Rogatchi Foundation. "The video is dedicated to the entire family of Rabbi Yonah and Mary Fuld, and in memory of the Rogatchi's friend Ari Fuld who was and still is remembered as a real Lion of Judah, and who loved Israel with all his brave heart," said Foundation head Inna Rogatchi.

The art work of the series are fine art photography collages portraying the Tribes in an allusive way, including Inna Rogatchi's fine art photography works portraying the Land of Israel.

Rogatchi worked on her Tribes project for three years with all shooting done in Israel, continuing her research through Biblical sources and working on the concept of the series. In her project, The Tribes and their Forefather Jacob are conveyed symbolically in a metaphorical art genre corresponding to the vision of the each Tribe seen by their father Jacob. In some of the works, such as those portraying Judah and Issachar, Inna incorporated into her art collages fragments from the art works of her husband, world-renowned artist Michael Rogatchi from his famed Forefathers series.

Allusive 'portraits' of the Tribes are supplemented by Inna Rogatchi's fine art photography works of Land of Israel scenes that set the symbolic portraits of the Tribes into the atmosphere and spirit of Israel. Some works by Michael Rogatchi are also used in the art video.

Composer Stephen Levey in the early 2000s wrote an original score for Bilvavi, a poem written by Kabbalist Rabbi Elazar Azikri (1533- 1600) in memory of Yoni Jesner who lost his life in a terror attack on a bus in Tel-Aviv in 2002. The first live performance of Bilvavi was in 2004 at the Tel-Aviv hospital where Yoni died.

International exhibitions of the series are planned from 2019 onward.