Haaretz commentator: 'Missing soldier's parents weaken Israel'

Nehemia Strassler criticizes Goldin family struggle against agreement with Hamas: 'Struggle weakens Israel, raises price demanded by Hamas.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Nechemia Strassler
Nechemia Strassler
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In an article published in Haaretz, senior economics commentator Nehemia Strassler presents an atypical stance on the Goldin family's struggle to bring their son Hadar back from Gaza where his body is held by Hamas.

Strassler published the opinion piece under the headline Stop the Goldins, a headline that aroused outrage among the Goldin family themselves.

In an interview this morning, Sunday, with Channel 10, Strassler explained why he believes the Goldin's struggle diminishes the State of Israel's strength.

"Their pressure hurts our morale and weakens us," says Strassler. Referring to criticism of the article he says: "If someone says you shouldn't start up with bereaved families, I say this is condescension, as if they're someone who cannot be argued with."

He noted that he himself participated in the funeral of Hadar Goldin that took place after the army Chief Rabbi's decision established that Hadar fell in battle, which was accepted by the family.

"The Goldins are weakening us. Hamas is glad Israel cannot afford the price of a corpse," says Strassler, attacking the family's opposition to political-security moves vis-a-vis Hamas without returning Hadar's body. "They're allowed to fight and I am allowed to criticize them," says Strassler.

"They asked me why I supported the release of Gilad Shalit; then it was a living person, today they're talking about a corpse; they talk today about 'bringing back the boys', but it's a body. Let the Prime Minister reach an agreement with Hamas. This agreement is important so we don't deteriorate into another war. You're hurting us and weakening us as those who can't afford the price of a corpse. Their struggle raises the price that Hamas presents us."