Mass protest in Gaza over UNRWA job cuts

Thousands protest UNRWA layoffs and cutback in work hours, after US ends funding for the agency.


Protest in Gaza over UNRWA job cuts
Protest in Gaza over UNRWA job cuts

Thousands of employees of UNRWA protested in Gaza on Wednesday against forced redundancies as a result of US funding cuts, announcing a one-day strike next week.

More than 5,000 people attended the march that began at the Gaza headquarters of UNRWA, including senior figures from Hamas and other factions.

The agency announced it would cut more than 250 jobs in Gaza and Judea and Samaria and make over 500 other positions part-time, as it seeks to survive crippling financial shortfalls caused by US aid cuts.

Washington has provided more than $350 million a year for the agency, but US President Donald Trump pulled all funding earlier this year.

The job cuts have sparked fierce protests, with UNRWA's head in Gaza accusing the agency's labor union in Gaza of "mutiny."

During Wednesday's demonstration, union representative Amir al-Mashal announced "a full strike in all UNRWA agencies on Monday, as a first step of protests."

He called on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to intervene.