This is the most germ-filled surface in an airport

New research reveals the most germ-infested area of an airport - and it isn't the bathroom.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Helsinki-Vantaa airport
Helsinki-Vantaa airport

A new research from the University of Nottingham and Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare revealed that an airport's bathrooms are not the most germ-infested areas of the building.

The research, which was carried out at Finland's Helsinki-Vantaa airport during the winter of 2016, included tests for influenza A, adenovirus, rhinovirus, coronavirus, and others, checked the amount of germs on handrails, toys, trolley handles, luggage trays, various areas of the bathrooms, and armrests at various airports.

Results showed that 10% of the surfaces carried respiratory viruses, with rhinovirus being the most common and influenza A the second most common. The highest concentration of germs was found on the trays at security checkpoints.

Passport checking counters, payment terminals, and staircase handrails were other common culprits.

Toilet surfaces did not show any of the viruses.