Terror balloon in central Israel?

Border Police who arrived at scene in Binyamin community distance curious onlookers and, following checks of the scene, transfer findings.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The suspicious balloon
The suspicious balloon
Police Spokesperson

Border Police soldiers were summoned Sunday morning to the community of Beit Horon in the western Binyamin of Samaria, after a suspicious balloon was found there.

Border Police officers arrived at the scene, distanced curious people from the scene and, when checks were completed, the findings were transferred for further investigation.

The police call on the public to exercise extreme caution with regard to such suspicious objects - kites and balloons, which may contain explosives and / or incendiary materials that may endanger public safety.

Meanwhile, police officers, border police officers, soldiers from the Israel Police's dog unit and an IDF force from the Binyamin Regional Brigade raided a house in the village of Anata in the eastern Binyamin region.

During the search, the forces identified two pistols, pieces of M16 weapons, cartridges, ammunition, uniforms of PA police, an Israel Police detective hat, and other items. A 19-year-old resident of the village was arrested and transferred for interrogation.