White powder sent to Connecticut synagogue

FBI takes over investigation after unknown person sends letter with white powder to Middletown synagogue. Mayor: No danger to community.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

White powder (illustrative)
White powder (illustrative)

The FBI is taking over an investigation after a letter with white powder was sent to the Congregation Adath Israel synagogue in Middletown.

Local authorities have not yet said whether the powder posed a danger.

Police also said they believe the incident may be related to several suspicious packages found in downtown Hartford last week. Buildings targeted included two office buildings, a federal courthouse, and a state government building. At least two of the packages contained what appeared to be baby powder.

Middletown Mayor Dan Drew emphasized that the community "is not in danger" but did not provide additional information.

Gary Gravelle, 51, is suspected of involvement in the Hartford cases, but it is not clear if he is also connected to the Middletown incident. Gravelle was released from prison in November 2015, after serving 70 months for sending threatening letters.