EU punishes Hungary

European Parliament activates Article 7 for first time against a member nation in response to Hungary's anti-illegal immigrant policies.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Victor Orban
Victor Orban

The European Parliament on Wednesday voted to adopt a punitive measure against Hungary for "violating the principles of democracy and the rule of law."

The EU decided to activate Article 7 of the Union Treaty against Hungary, allowing sanctions against the eastern European nation such as denial of the right to vote in the European Parliament.

448 MPs voted in favor of activating Article 7 while 197 voted against it. It was the first time Article 7 has been invoked since the founding of the EU.

The European Parliament took the measure in response to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's rhetoric against illegal immigration.

Orban accused the parliament of attempting to "blackmail" his country into accepting illegal immigrants through censure.

All member states of the EU would have to vote in favor of sanctioning Hungary in order for sanctions to be imposed. Poland, which is facing similar criticism within the EU, is expected to block any sanctions against Hungary.