'Residents of the south can be calm'

Southern IDF Commander addresses security threats in north and south, clarifies 'IDF will know how to deal with both arenas.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Major General Hertzi Halevi
Major General Hertzi Halevi
Flash 90

Southern region IDF Commander Major General Hertzi Halevi spoke this morning on the eve of Rosh Hashanah of the security threats facing the IDF today.

"The IDF is well prepared and ready," Halevi was quoted in the official IDF Twitter account. "Our enemies in the south and the north have made great efforts not to come into conflict with us because of our strength. The IDF will know how to deal with both arenas."

Halevi took the opportunity to send a reassuring message to the beleaguered southern area residents. "Residents of Israel and residents of the south can be calm and confident in the IDF's capabilities."

Halevi later took the opportunity to express appreciation to IDF forces operating throughout the year in the southern sector.

"We very much appreciate the forces for their magnificent high-quality activity under difficult conditions. Hamas sees our strength and if it tests us, we're very prepared."