Protesters "thank" IDF for going easy on terror murderer

Nationalists paste sarcastic thank you signs in Arabic after IDF nixes demolition of home of terrorist because of his mental state.

Eliran Aharon ,

Protest at Akrabeh
Protest at Akrabeh

Nationalist protesters put up sarcastic signs "thanking" the IDF at the entrance to the Arab village of Akrabeh Friday, after the IDF canceled the demolition of the home of terrorist murderer because of his alleged mental state at the time of the murder.

The murderer, Abd El-Rahman Maher Saada Bani Fadel, 28, stabbed and killed a Jewish man, Adiel Kolman, on March 18 this year, in Jeusalem's Muslim Quarter. The terrorist was shot dead at the scene of the crime by a police officer.

The terrorist's home was slated to be demolished, in accordance with IDF deterrent policy against terror, but his family appealed the decision. The IDF decided this week to accept the family's claim that the terrorist was mentally ill, and scrapped the demolition.

The protesters put up signs in Hebrew and Arabic thanking the IDF's Chief Military Advocate General, Maj.-Gen. Sharon Afek, for the decision – supposedly in the name of the village's residents.

One of the protesters, Tzvi Sukkot of Yitzhar, called the IDF's decision "shocking" and explained that there is no doubt about that demolishing the terrorist's home would have had deterrent value in this case. He noted that memorial events were held in the village lionizing the terrorist after the murder, and dozens of signs were put up in his honor.