Watch: Arrest of Hamas terrorist in the heart of Hevron

Arutz Sheva joins soldiers as they carry out nighttime arrest of a terrorist in Hevron. 'They are willing to sacrifice everything.'

Eliran Aharon ,

arrest of Hamas terrorist
arrest of Hamas terrorist
Eliran Aharon

An Arutz Sheva correspondent joined a group of IDF reservists as they arrested a terrorist from Hamas in Hevron.

The arrest was carried out at night by reservists from the 8194 battalion of the Artillery Corps.

The battalion commander, Lt. Col. Eyal Rothman, related that the soldiers operated for four weeks in the Hevron envelope area in the area of ​​the Judea Brigade, and after completing their operational employment, they were replaced by a regular armored battalion.

Lt. Col. Rothman also described the complexity of the reserve service and the defense of the homeland the soldiers face while their spouses and children remain at home: "I have been here with my colleagues for 20 years now. These are Zionists who are willing to give and sacrifice everything."

"I am really proud of them, we are here to protect Jews, it is our job - to protect Jews at home and on the roads. We feel a sense of a real mission to defend the country, and the people here are determined to do so despite the difficulties," Rothman said.