Jews Living Amongst Arabs
A Look at the Jews Living Amongst Jerusalem's Arabs

Jewish movements emerged to correct the historical injustice and return Jews to the once-vibrant eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods.

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Six Day War
Six Day War

Until the Arab pogroms of the late 1920's and 1930's, a large Jewish community lived in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem. During that period, the Arabs butchered Jewish families and expelled others from their homes.

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Following the 1948 War of Independence, Jerusalem became a divided city. The eastern neighborhoods fell under Jordanian sovereignty. Towards the end of the war, the last remaining Jews were deported from Jerusalem's eastern neighborhoods and their properties destroyed or confiscated by the Jordanians.

In the 1967 Six Day War, Israel won back its sovereignty over the entirety of Jerusalem. Several Jewish movements emerged with the agenda of correcting the historical injustice perpetrated against the Jewish community and returning Jews to the once-vibrant Jewish enclaves in the majority-Arab eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods.

They regained once-Jewish properties through the courts and via property acquisitions.

Armed with a pen and a refreshing curiosity about these Jews living amidst Jerusalem's Arabs, budding journalist Shlomo Deutsch set out to learn about the history and daily life of these Jews.

Written from an engaging and entertaining first-person perspective, Deutsch lays out his findings in the Arutz Sheva-recommended article: Understanding Jewish Enclaves in Arab Neighborhoods The feature article is a pleasurable and informative read both for history buffs and lovers of Jerusalem. Deutsch promises more in-depth articles on the topic to come.