Joint List turns to EU to force Israel to repeal Nationality Law

Israeli-Arab lawmakers push Europe to ban Kahane Chai and Lehava groups, pressure Israel to nullify Nationality Law.

Nitzan Keidar, Brussels ,


MKs from the Joint List on Tuesday are meeting today, Tuesday, with a number of senior European Union officials, including Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, with the stated goal of creating pressure and perhaps even damaging relations between Israel and the EU over the Nationality Law.

The Joint List hints that there is an intention to exert pressure via the economic cooperation between Israel and the European Union. "The importance of the EU lies in the fact that it is the largest commercial partner of the State of Israel. There are cooperation agreements between the EU and Israel, including in trade, research and culture, which oblige both sides to protect human rights and democratic values. The Joint List sees in the Nationality Law a blatant violation by Israel of commitments to United Nations institutions and agreements with the European Union," the MKs said.

During their meetings with EU officials, the members of the list will seek to elicit a harsh condemnation by the EU, with all its institutions, of the Nationality Law and Israel.

The Joint List calls for "recognition of the Arab-Palestinian national minority in Israel, in accordance with the European Declaration on the Recognition of Minority Rights, which means that the EU will conduct direct talks with the heads of the Arab minority while holding talks with the State of Israel."

Further, the MKs intend to try to convince senior EU officials to have the organizations 'Lehava' and 'Kahane Chai' put on the European list terror organizations, and to prevent activists from these organizations from entering the European Union.

The Joint List does not conceal the fact that its members are coming with the purpose delegitimizing Israel. "The Joint List will link between the racist incitement of the prime minister and senior ministers and the violence against Arab citizens, and the Nationality Law and the occupation. The Arab citizens are the most stable bloc that supports a peace solution and an end to the occupation, and therefore the extreme right-wing government is undermining the rights of Arab citizens and acts to remove them from the circle of influence, and even threatens to harm them and their leaders.”