Strike at daycare centers ends

Following night of negotiations, organizations running daycare centers announce that agreement has been reached.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Following negotiations overnight between between the social organizations operating children’s daycare centers and government officials, the organizations announced the end of the workers strike and the reaching of an agreement to improve conditions of early childhood education and welfare of the caregivers.

As part of the agreement,

1. A one-time grant will be given to workers for the Hebrew month of Tishrei amounting to NIS 1,500.
2. A one-time Passover bonus will be given to workers amounting to NIS 1,500.
3. Budget for assistance to the daycare staff, which will release them from difficult physical work, so that they will be more available for educational work and care for the toddlers.
4. Additional training for new and veteran caregivers in order to improve their professionalism.
5. Establishment of a government committee to examine the standardization and improvement of the early childhood sector with a commitment to conclusions and financial sources by April 30, 2019.
6. Opening of the rate basket by the end of April 2019, and its adaptation to the changing reality.

The daycare strike included 1,400 supervised daycare centers of Na'amat, WIZO, Emunah, and dozens of smaller organizations - employing more than 10,000 caregivers. Yesterday, about 80,000 to 100,000 babies and toddlers between the ages of three months and three years old remained at home.