Protests after Eyal Golan slated to appear at 'Selichot' event

Feminist groups say Israeli singer who was involved in scandal with underage girls shouldn't appear with Chief Rabbi at Selichot event.

Tzvi Lev ,

Eyal Golan
Eyal Golan
Yaakov Lederman/Flash 90

A group of Religious-Zionist feminists are protesting Mizrahit music star Eyal Golan's scheduled appearance at a 'Selichot' (penitentiary prayers) event due to his checkered past with underage girls.

Golan is slated to star at a Selichot-themed concert in Haifa, which will be attended by Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri. Golan's attendance aroused the ire of a popular Orthodox feminist Facebook group, which launched a campaign attempting to torpedo Golan's role, citing his various sex scandals throughout the years.

"The Ministry of Education's Department of Religious Culture invites Eyal Golan to the city for an exciting religious event. Women will not appear there because it is not modest. But there will be someone who calls his car 'pimp-mobile'" wrote the 'Orthodox Feminist With A Sense Of Humor' Facebook group.

The post attracted hundreds of shares, with Haifa residents angry that "our taxpayer money is paying for this performance".

With 18 platinum albums, Golan is arguably Israel's most popular Mizrahit star. His image took a big hit in 2013 after he was arrested for conducting a relationship with underage girls. The case was closed for lack of evidence, but the scandal caused a wave of concert cancellations.