Indictment describes bloody Netanya double murder

Alexander Mirzoev hacked both victims to death and hid remains, said the smell was due to a dead rat in the walls.

Tzvi Lev ,

Axe (illustration)
Axe (illustration)

The Central District Attorney's Office filed an indictment on Thursday against 54 year-old Netanya resident Alexander Mirzoev for the gruesome murder of Vyacheslav Padkin and Avi Vanunu at a homeless shelter.

According to the indictment, Mirzoev, who lived at Netanya's Beit Yael shelter, purchased two axes and knife in June after deciding to kill his roommate Vyacheslav Padkin.

On July 27, Mirzoev decided to murder Padkin. After drinking alcohol in order to work up the courage, he jumped on Padkin and hit him several times with an ax, killing him.

In order to cover up the murder, Mirzoev wrapped Padkin's body in plastic bags and hid it under his bed. When asked about the stench emanating from his room, he replied that there was a dead rat in the wall and said that Padkin had left in order to have surgery.

On the morning of August 2, Mirzeov came out of his room carrying the ax in a bag and noticed that Beit Yael manager Avi Vanunu was sitting alone in his office and killed him by hitting him several times in the head. He then locked the door from the inside, arousing suspicion from employees at the homeless shelter.

After a worker forced herself in, Mirzoev tried to hit her with an at well before being overpowered by other workers. Mirzoev was arrested by the police and admitted to all of the charges. He will be sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

Attorney Shoham-Idan asked the judge for Mirzoev to be denied bail until the trial, pointing out that he was a danger to the public. "The danger posed by the suspect is extremely high... The respondent murdered, with unprecedented cruelty, two different people, within a week or so" he wrote.